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The Power of Super Bowl Magic



Jan 28th, 2013

Football Fan

We’re just days away from the Big Game and the anticipation is building. Several of my friends are having Super Bowl parties and the invitations have already been sent, complete with directions and requests. “Be sure to wear your Niner’s jersey!”; “Anyone wearing cheese head hats will NOT be admitted!”; and “No purple food allowed!”

As long as there have been teams and fans there have been superstitions and rituals.  There’s even a great TV marketing campaign claiming “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.” I love that! I have to argue that I’ve seen some weird stuff that did ACTUALLY work. Here are a few rituals my buddies participate in:

  • One guy wears the same shirt every game day as long as their team wins and as soon as they lose, he chooses a different shirt.
  • My friend Steve HAS to wear his orange cross training shoes on game day or he’s sure his team will lose.
  • Another buddy of mine swears that if he has three Long Island Ice teas his team will prevail. (That sounds a bit self serving to me, but as long as he thinks it works I guess it does…for him.)

The weirdest thing I’ve seen work was a cheer that a college buddy of mine HAD to do at least once each quarter during a commercial while his Niners were in the Bowl. He would get up in front of everyone at his Super Bowl party and make them participate in ten rounds of “Go Niners!” at their top of their voices. Make no mistake, six times was not enough, eleven times was too many and, exactly ten times each quarter was the magic spell. Three years in a row it worked but then Joe Montana was injured and then went to the Chiefs. Game over.

So let’s hear it football fans, do you have a Super Bowl ritual or superstitions? Is it face paint, special clothes or magical foods that give your team the edge? We’d love to hear about them. Tell us!


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