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The Sandwich: the Savory History of a Favorite Food



Aug 9th, 2014

The sandwich: something we all have been eating for years without a second thought.  It’s a part of our regular diets: lunch, dinner, and even breakfast.  People have gotten pretty creative with this simple meal over the years, but it’s possible that the varieties that have been created to be pressed between two pieces of bread was created on a gambling streak.  

According to, our favorite convenient food was actually created by early Greeks and Turks, who would sandwich food between pita breads.  However, they were named after John Montagu (1718 – 1792), the 4th Earl of Sandwich (no lie…there was an Earl of Sandwich).

Earl of Sandwich
The 4th Earl of Sandwich

Montagu during his travels to Greece and Turkey noticed these foods that were perfect for hand-held eating.  He “borrowed” the idea and brought it back to Englang with him to better his poker game.  Apparently, Montagu was a prolific gambler; he would play poker for hours on end and that can make anyone hungry. Not wanting to leave the table, he had his kitchen bring him roast beef, but asked that they put it in between two pieces of bread so he could still use one hand to play.  And BAM! The Sandwich was born.  

If he had not stolen this idea and popularized it in England, who knows if we would ever have the vast expanse of sandwich options today.  I mean, think about it: Grilled cheese, Turkey sandwiches made from Thanksgiving leftovers, Peanut butter & jelly – they may not even exist!  Or even some of the more crazy creations like these…


Elvis's sandwich

Elvis was famous for loving this sandwich: Peanut butter, banana, honey and bacon.









Monte Carlp

Sweet & Savory: The Monte Carlo which is famously topped with powdered sugar










Everyone loves a Philly Cheese Steak! Nothing beats steak, melted cheese and grilled peppers & onions.









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