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Valentines Day | 5 Reasons to Celebrate



Feb 2nd, 2015


There are plenty of people out there who are a part of the Anti-Valentines Day Movement.  There are even those who go so far as to have parties with this theme.  But, I’m here to say to the Nay-Sayers that perhaps it’s time they embrace this holiday of love!

I know that we should celebrate the ones that we love most in our lives everyday, but this holiday is a reason to go above-and-beyond for that special someone in your life, and it doesn’t even have to be celebrated with a significant other.

“But, what’s the point, then?” 

Really – do you need an SO to have a day to celebrate  a day that allows you to appreciate the love you have for your family, closets friends or even your adorable pets?  Of course not!  Here are some fun Valentines Day ideas that you can do whether you’re attached or flying solo:

  • Valentines Day Brunch – Whether you’re coupled up or wanting to get together with a group of girlfriends, a brunch is a fun way to start off your Valentines Day with the people you love (and avoid those dinnertime crowds).
  • Take a Hike! – It might be chilly where you are, but you can still get outside and get some fresh air with the one you love; especially if the one you love has four paws!
  • Indoor Picnic – Wanting to celebrate but also wanting to save money?  Make your own evening with an indoor picnic!  Play games, make appetizers together and enjoy an evening with the person you love the most.
  • A Group Dinner Party – Why not get all of your friends together and celebrate?  Couples, non couples, everyone!  Get all of your favorite people at one table, and it is sure to be a fantastic evening.
  • Valentines Day Pajama Party – Get comfy in some warm PJ’s and get your loved ones together for a fun night of movies, games, and snacks!

Always celebrate the people you love most in your live, but start looking at Valentines Day as a day to really kick up the celebration a notch!  Have a fun and Happy Valentines Day!

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