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Why We Walk – An Albertsons Story



May 8th, 2014

Idaho Newsroom

Albertsons throughout the years has employed thousands throughout the Treasure Valley. Unfortunately, you can’t be part of an organization as big as ours is and not be touched by cancer in some way.  We have many survivors among our ranks in Boise, and sadly, we have also lost wonderful people whose lives may have been cut short by the disease, but in whose memory we walk each year. One of those people is Trish Yates-Minnon.

Trish Yates-Minnon

Trish Yates-Minnon

Trish had a spirit that always propelled her forward to the next great adventure. A true Southern Belle from Texas, she was always fixin’ to do something bigger and more magnificent for her family, friends, her company and her community. It was with that exuberance that Trish led Albertsons’ Komen Race for the Cure team for seven years. She was the force behind the Albertsons team consistently being the largest one in the Komen event.

For Trish, her involvement in the Race was put on hold when cancer stepped in, but her commitment to fighting the disease was only emboldened. In 2012, Trish herself was diagnosed with sarcoma, a cancer that begins in bone and soft tissue, and doctors gave her only a few short months to live. That is only because they didn’t know Trish.

Instead of focusing on her cancer, she set her sights on the next thing that needed to be done and the people she loved. Whether it was a trip to New England to see family, redoing her back porch, entertaining friends or delivering an inspirational speech to the Albertson team at last year’s Komen race, she continued to drive forward.

This year, despite being confined to a wheelchair, she was involved in Albertsons Komen Race planning. In true Trish fashion, she selected our team prizes, helped drive membership and gave me some improvement “suggestions” for the Albertsons team t-shirts. We were really looking forward to enjoying the Race with her again this year. Unexpectedly and to great collective sadness, Trish, died just one week short of this year’s Race. Our team is heartbroken.

Albertsons is proud to host this event each year, but we are especially proud this year – and also humbled because of how close to home this year’s race truly hits us. We look forward to hearing the survivor stories, celebrating the victories and engaging with so many wonderful people in our hometown. As a team, we walk in the hope that with each step, we are closer to a cure. We walk with the hope that one day we won’t have to say goodbye to friends and family too soon. This year, Team Albertsons walks for Trish.

You can help us donate an additional $10,000 to the Race for the Cure! While you’re walking, for every Instagram photo or video that uses the hashtag #KomenBoise, Albertsons will donate $5 per entry until they reach their goal of $10,000.

2 Responses to Why We Walk – An Albertsons Story

  1. Teresa Branson 09/05/2014 at 9:30 pm

    How can we help earn that extra $10,000 from So Cal.? We are an Albertsons family and I know we would all love to help. Please advise.
    Thank you

    • Customer Care 10/05/2014 at 9:39 pm

      Hi Teresa, thank you! We are so grateful for our Albertsons family and how giving everyone is. We reached our goal today and were able to make the full donation thanks to everyone’s generosity. As a company, we are giving division & corporate charitable dollars that we’ve set aside toward this, so we didn’t collect donations. But if you’d like to make a donation to the cause in general, would be a great site to visit.

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