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Wine Pairings to Make Your Cheese Boards Perfection



Dec 9th, 2014

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Sometimes we incorporate so many flavors on our cheese and tasting boards during the holidays, that we’re at a loss as to which wines to pair them with.  Don’t stress or make a guess; let us help you with that.  Here are some fantastic pairings that will go well with some of our favorite cheese and tasting boards!


Savory & Sweet Tasting Board
This tasty & creative board pairs nicely with Mirassou Pinot Grigio
Get the recipe hereTasting Board
Mirassou 2013 California Pinot Grigio 750ml


Giggles Galore Cheese Board

The array cheeses on this board pair nicely with William Hill North Coast Chardonnay
Get the recipe here.

Giggles Galore

William Hill Estate Winery 2013 North Coast Chardonnay 750ml


Queen Bee Coupons Cheeseboard

Everything on this board is 10x tastier with a little help from Edna Valley Chardonnay
Get the recipe here.

Queen Bee (no bottle)



Coupon Karma Cheeseboard

This board is so good already, but La Marca Prosecco is about to make it better!
Get the recipe here.

Coupon Karma

La Marca Prosecco 750ml


Posh on a Budget Cheeseboard

There is a lot going on with this cheeseboard,
but Apothic Red brings everything together.

Get the recipe here.

Posh on a Budget

Apothic 2012 California Red 750ml



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